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SALON LUBMAT, Bilbao, 9 y 10 junio 2020

SALON LUBMAT, Bilbao, 9 y 10 junio 2020

LUBMAT was a common initiative between Tekniker and Jost Institute for Lubrication and Tribology. Both realized that, even though there were numerous international congresses dealing with the scientific approach for lubrication and wear, there were not any specific industrially focused. So that LUBMAT intends to address the industrial public without losing sight of the academic and scientific vision. So the present edition incorporates the novelty of Bureau Veritas joining the original organizers; without doubt its contribution will reinforce the interest of the conference among the industrial attendees. Otherwise, LUBMAT is a well-established event that is in its 7th edition. Contributions are expected on all aspects of these three main topics:"

  • Lubricants and lubrication management.
  • Tribology.
  • Maintenance 4.0 and condition monitoring.

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